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About Us

"We talk about people's rights and human rights and the consequent fight against violation and torture."

The mission of Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation is to stand beside those people who have suffered torture and violation, to stand beside those who have been left helpless and deprived of their rights, and to protect and preserve their rights against the violation of human rights per se.

BHRF is a non-government and politics free human rights organization that is run by a prominent human rights activist, Advocate Alena Khan. This organization has extended its activity into a broader sphere through economic and moral support of its trustees and under the experienced direction of Advocate Alena Khan. The organization was registered under the Trust Act 1882 whose registration is "IV- 59/2009".

The organization formally started its journey on 23rd July, 2009, in accordance with the constitution of Bangladesh and United Nation's, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Moreover, The Chairperson of this foundation, Advocate Alena Khan, has been working in the human rights field for past 23 years. The trustees of this foundation also have a long experience in this sector. Since its birth the organization has helped hundreds of poor and helpless people of the society especially women and children, who have suffered different types of violation; providing them with legal and social help in order to establish their rights. through these activities the esteemed organization has gained many peoples love, trust and respect.

The organization has established a strong network throughout the country by setting up branches in almost all districts of the country, which subsequently become one of the leading human rights organizations of the country. The volunteers and social workers of this organization are working with utmost sincerity in the local levels for prevention of violation of human rights against the poor and deprived people and the protection and preservation of their rights.

BHRF is a non-government and politics free human rights organization that is run by a prominent human rights activist, Advocate Alena Khan. This organization has extended its activity into a broader sphere through economic and moral support of its trustees and under the experienced direction of Advocate Alena Khan. The organization was registered under the Trust Act 1882 whose registration is "IV- 59/2009".

BHRF is both legally and morally bound to ensure the fundamental rights of people as ensured by the constitution. On this object the organization is working along with the common people of the society in order to establish the rights of people in accordance with the constitution of Bangladesh. The foundation believes that most people of the society suffer violation of rights due to lack of basic legal knowledge and unawareness of their rights. Hence, to ensure human rights for all it is necessary to provide people with a basic and primary knowledge and training on the issues. For this reason the foundation has always stood beside the poor and deprived people since its birth.

The foundation is working very actively on different humanitarian issues, such as violation and torture against women and children, rape, domestic violence, social misbelieves, landlessness, unlawful arrest, torture and causing death in custody, social discrimination and insecurity, executive corruption and biasness; etc, with a view to the prevention and reduction of all kinds of violation of rights of the people of the society. In this regard the foundation is also raising awareness among people and providing legal help through investigation, research and legal advice as a free service or may be in exchange of small amounts. Additionally, the foundation is also arranging workshops, seminars and distinctive training programs to raise awareness between the students of schools, colleges and universities.

prepares its future plans upon its past and present activities and experience; it also takes instantaneous steps on certain sensational and important matters. Moreover, the organization has the object to improve its activity through educational development and increasing humanitarian activities within the volunteer level. As such, the foundation has effectively gained the trust and reliability of different government and non-government organizations and common people as a whole.

Constitution of the foundation:
The foundation is constituted in accordance with clear and written constitution that is accepted and approved by the trustees.

A black surface on the palm of a hand and top of it printed four alphabets (BHRF), where "B" is 'green' in color that signifies the color of the flag of Bangladesh. "H" is 'blue' to represent the color of the human, "R" is 'orange' represents the color of rights, and "F" is in 'white' that symbolize the color of peace. The 'black' palm of the hand denotes the dark evil surrounding it all.

The flag shall contain a monogram of the foundation and the size shall be 5: 3.

Organization structure:

Trustee board:
The foundation is directed by the trustee board. The trustees are responsible for deciding the activities and the functions of the organization. The Foundation may constitute an advisory board if it thinks necessary for advising the Trustee Board in need.

Moral values:
Honesty and morality: respect for all peoples without any discrimination as to race, sex, religion, natural and social responsibility, with fairness and accountability.

Ensure human rights for all people. Foundation believes that ignorance of law and rights are responsible for causing obstruction in the enforcement of human rights among the people of our country. Hence, to meet the object, the foundation is working on following issues

  • Strengthening human rights and ensuring fair leadership through all levels
  • Raising awareness among people regarding fundamental rights through education and disseminating advice to resist all kinds of obstruction in the enjoyment of those rights.
  • Work for women children and other vulnerable people of the society and confirm access to justice, fair trials, and legal support.
  • Establishing good relationship between the law enforcement agencies, police and the common people.
  • Providing the poor and deprived people with legal education and other necessary information.
  • Expanding help to those people of the society who are unable to get access to legal representation.
  • Setting up policy, providing with advocacy and research with a view to eliminate poverty.
  • Improving community mobilized works for the prevention of the violation of human rights.
  • Carrying on investigation, documentation, and reporting on the makings for the prevention of violation of human rights
  • Disseminating training on human right issues
  • Encouraging women empowerment and gender equality
  • Undertakes laborious physical exercise
  • Raising awareness and improving the capacity of the rights of women and children
  • Establishing a human rights student council with the students of schools, colleges and universities, with a view to enable good human rights activism for the future world.e

Organization sectors:
The legal and human rights issues of the foundation are carried on by four different sections, as under:

  • the legal cell and sensational matters of its members, researchers, social workers, students and lawyers.

Legal cell:
The foundation provides free legal help to the poor and helpless people: including different people, such as complainants, informants or the victims of an occurrence of violation of human rights, who may come to the foundation and give such information, thereby the foundation takes initiative by filling a case on behalf of that person or for public interest.

Those who are illiterate or less educated are provided with different supports like examining their papers, writing of complaint, collection and conservation of evidence, suggesting mediation to parties in the cases where there is no need to bring the matter before the honorable court. This cell also gives advice about the weak points of a case and sends legal letters to the required authority.

For the purpose of the preservation of rights and prevention of violence, the foundation is working on following issues in accordance with law:

  • Misuse of power
  • Private and public negligence
  • Trafficking
  • Rape/abuse/molestation
  • Acid-offences
  • Domestic violence
  • Prevention of violation against women and children
  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Protection and preservation of human rights for all

Investigation cell:
The foundation has a 'human rights force" that carries out investigations for the purpose of the collection of evidence alongside with the police and other law enforcing agencies. When an offence is committed by a party, it is usual that the offender tries to bribe with an intention to get away from trials, or to threaten the victim and family, or to hide any information or evidence.

At this point our expert investigation team brings out the real story with acumen and tenacity. While the truth discovered by the team later helps in the trial procedure. Moreover, description of the occurrence, drawing of the sketch map, collection and preservation of evidence is carried on by the team and sometimes they are published in the daily or weekly newspapers.

Training, research and documentation cell:
The foundation organizes different workshops, seminars and training programs. In this regard, the foundation has already organized several events and invited guests from different professions, such as justices, judges, magistrates, public prosecutors, police, lawyers, doctors, intellectuals, journalists, politicians, religious and cultural personalities.

One of the basic objects of these types of programs is to find inconsistencies and weak sides of different laws and Acts through productive and reasonable discussion.

The foundation also invites social workers and staffs of other organizations and provides them with expert training for the gaining of more knowledge in the human rights. And, such occasions are presided over by expert guests from the respective fields. Apart from these the foundation arranges seminar and workshops to raise awareness among the students of schools, colleges and universities.

Research cell:
The main function of this cell is to carry on research and study to find out reasons of different offences and violations and giving expert legal advice for the prevention of the offences and violations. In spite of this, the cell also carries on research on human right laws and suggests the responsible authority of the government for any inclusion of any law for the protection and preservation of human rights.

The foundation through public interactions and study of sensational cases gains information regarding issues of violation of human rights and brings it in to the knowledge of the required authority to take necessary steps in this regard. BHRF also publishes its research on human rights issues in different daily and weekly news papers.

  • the Chief Executive of the foundation, advocate Alena Khan, has written a book named, â€�Legal advices for everyday life, “ which will help and support the students and common people to bring an awareness of law and human rights issues
  • Human rights bulletin: the foundation is publishing a monthly bulletin on human right issues where we include different sensational cases related to the violation of human rights, legal advices, information, preventive measures against violations, merits of the case, investigation reports, etc. This bulletin is sent to different people of different professions and legal practitioners.

Through advocacy, awareness on following matters is buildup.

  • Gender issues,
  • Family matters (marriage, divorce, dower, maintenance, guardianship, etc),
  • Public interest litigation,
  • Social security,
  • Information on consumer protection,,
  • Protection and preservation of human rights for all,
  • Foundation also works with the print and electronic media orgs where the chairperson attends and gives her expert advices.


Chairman Message

Although Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation-BHRF has crossed three years, its activities and activism have transmitted hopes and aspirations among all, especially, its law awareness programmes of imparting concepts on human rights among students of schools, colleges and universities have wide impact throughout the country. Side by side, its role of establishing human rights of oppressed, helpless women and children, deprived humanity is commendable. Though this organisation is new, hundreds of experienced, devoted, selfless human right activists and organisers are gathering under its banner. Its branches are spreading speedily throughout towns, cities, port areas and remote places of the country. Not only being dependent on foreign aids, BHRF is a glowing example how an organisation can be founded on self-reliance. I hope, our noble programmes and ideal of service in safeguarding human rights will inspire people of every walk of life.

I wish its 3rd founding anniversary and conference a grand success and tendering my hearty compliments to all its members and associates.

Advocate Alena Khan
Chairman sign
Chairperson & Chief Executive
Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation-BHRF.